Petition to scrap new £5 note

It's just a conspiracy , they're made from sperm whale sperm.
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Vegans are that in name only, pork products are found in around 200 everyday products, lipstick is just one used by millions.
Not necessarily true. Most veggies and vegans will find an alternative or go without.
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Only if they know, no mention of pork content on many products due to low levels.
That's interesting, like what? I mean, you've mentioned lipsticks but you can buy veggie/vegan lipsticks. I've been veggie for 35 years and I do research (not that I wear lippy). I would be very annoyed if I found out something was marketed as veggie/vegan and it wasn't. Probably illegal too?
FFS, Bank of England are going to get the supplier/printer to stop using animal fat. Left wingers rule.
Give me a minute while I try to get worked up about that........

Nope, sorry couldn't care about that.

If we changed it to a non-animal based product, it would just based on rapeseed oil. Something we already do for a whole range of products anyway. And we make it in the UK as it is.
But veggies and vegans know all about those! And more besides I daresay. And things mentioned in your article are listed on the label anyway so not hidden.
Things like E numbers are trickier, takes a bit more research to find out what they are made from but as mentioned before, most veggies and most deffo vegans would've looked into all that before buying.
must admit afaik I do not know a vegetarian ??

I would be a vegetarian if I had to kill the animals my self . no doubt about it.

I do not go into butchers shops , makes me feel queasy tbh , buy all my meat in the super market all nicely wrapped up in cellophane.
I'm like Transam . I like meat but not where it comes from. Can't say I'm bothered about the new fivers. I did know a woman who became a vegan and wouldn't have anything "animal" anywhere near her. She got the right hump when I pointed out she had leather car seats and steering wheel.
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