Preliminary thoughts on adding 2nd WC/Shower room - upstairs or downstairs

8 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom

We have a 1905 end of terrace 2 up 2 down with 1970/80's rear kitchen extension.

The house currently has 1 bathroom which is through the main bedroom at the rear above the kitchen. This is very typical of these houses in the area, and is a conversion of what would have previously been classed as a third bedroom/nursery.

There are only 2 of us living in the house currently so there is no issue with that, but baby is on the way and long term we would like a 2nd wc or shower room.

The footprint of the house is of a good size at approx 900sq ft or so in total, but I can't for the life of me work out the best / simplest place to put one.

Family were over at the weekend and suggested that a downstairs wc would be most convenient in the long run and to add a small side extension next to the kitchen.

I have attached current floorplan (not exactly to scale - the rear kitchen is 5m long x 1.75m wide. The lean to conservatory is approx 2.5m long x 1.5m wide.

I have attached photo of the rear showing the external area available.

The soil pipe is on the corner of where the lean to conservatory joins the kitchen wall.

Would this be the best place to add a simple small extension for a downstairs wc, or should we maybe be looking at pinching some space from the front bedroom to add a small shower en suite in there?
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