Priti with her nose in the trough?

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The Government sets the benchmark price. The issue was the creation of the VIP lane where due diligence was lacking.

Gal, I hope you didn't participate in the crowdfunding for The Good Law Project to bring the legal action, it would appear they're not that good.

Good Law Project's PPE claim fails after service blunder | News | Law Gazette

High-profile legal campaigners have been dealt a blow in their latest challenge to the government – after correctly serving the right papers a day too late.

Mrs Justice O’Farrell DBE, ruling in R (on the application of The Good Law Project) v The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, rejected pleas for an extension of time for serving the claim form after finding the failure to effect valid service was ‘serious and significant’. An application by the defendant to set aside the claim form was successful.

The Good Law Project, a not-for-profit organisation led by Jo Maugham QC, had sought to challenge the lawfulness of the health secretary’s decisions to award contracts for the supply of personal protective equipment to a company called Pharmaceuticals Direct Limited, who were an interested party.

Admin error means the Government gets off on a technicality - Judge was being priggish.

So the Government can chalk up one victory. But if you are championing a victory where we don't get to delve into deeper how the Government handed out these billions to their mates - weird.

You might not have kids who will need to pay off this corruption but most of us do. :love:
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They sent it, in good time, to the wrong email address.
The government were unwilling, or unable to forward it to the correct email address, and were unable to inform the sender that they'd sent it to the wrong email address.
It looks like a typical case of government playing strictly by the rules when it suits. And ignoring the rules when it suits.