problem with my indesit dishwasher IDL 530 1st & 3rd lig

6 Oct 2014
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United Kingdom
i have the fault code flashing on my Indesit IDL 530 dishwasher when i turn on for cycle.

i checked the internet and found it could be the circulation pump, so bought another one fitted it and found that the problem was not solved.

i tried using boiling water down the drainage point and using a plunger, that hasn't worked

i checked the pipes going to and from the sprinkler on the side of the dishwasher they dont seem to be blocked

also tried taking off the electrical connectors and giving them a blow

any ideas what the problem could be ?
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Wot fault code you got. Poss a blocked Presure chamber by the sounds of it.
this is an old dishwasher it doesn't have an LCD screen to show an error code, the error code is the first and third lights flashing
That's right fo5 is the error. Clear the Presure pipe by blowing down it. Blocked by fat in the sump hole.
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which is the pressure pipe?

the dishwasher is taking on water and draining it away within the first minute of turning it on?
The pipe runs down the side. Look at the base for access

What happening is when I turn it
On this plastic part on the left hand side is filling
Up then it overflows into the sensors wheel on the bottom left that spins then all the water drains out and the 1st and third light starts flashing, I tried unplugging the sensor and it just kept filling up the plastic part then cuts out and then the 2nd and 3rd lights flash.

You think it could be the sensor or still something blocked that's making the water over flow into the sensor?
You are looking at the wrong side., you need the Presure pipe that goes to to sump. It's on the other side.
i have blown down that pipe into the sump doesn't seem to be blocked, turned on still same problem
Put some water in the sump and blow down tube does it bubble
I just came across this this forum while trying to fix my dish washer , was about to give up and chuck it out , but thanks rocks 1 , blowing down the pipe cleared a load of gunge out , now seems to work ok

So thanks again , and looking forward to looking at other interesting stuff here

Tony Alicante Spain
Hi stiffer,

I seem to have the same problem as you with my dishwasher, it fills and then drains, then the 1st and 3rd lights flash, and the unit stops. Did you manage to resolve your problem? What did you do to fix it?

I had the same problem I took the filters out and felt the exit hole where the water goes I cut a bit of hose and put it in the drainage hole and blew down stunk! Problem solved
Thanks, Rocks 1 - rest of the internet didn't even thinking error code F05 was possible, but blowing down the drain hole worked a trick

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