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Discussion in 'In the Garden' started by KnightWhoSaysNi, 21 Sep 2017.

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    My builders will be starting the construction of a garden room soon, which will feature a toilet. I will be the primary user of it, but occasionally others (friends) may use it, so there is no guarantee the wrong kind of things won't go down the loo.

    I need a pumping station to take the waste to the sewer over ca. 45 metres horizontally. The vertical lift is neglibile, if any.

    One supplier suggested a basic pumping station (in the area of £600), which has a 50mm pump and 50mm discharge (for use with 63mm MDPE). However, I'm concerned if someone puts something down the loo the long MDPE may get blocked, which would be a pain to unblock.

    When I asked him about macerators, he said: "The macerator pump has to have something to work against and without having any lift a normal macerator would not be much use. You can get macerators that can cope with a low dynamic head however they are quite expensive."

    I'm surprised that not having any lift makes me worse off than if there was a significant lift. Is that really the case?

    When I asked a related question on this forum a couple of months ago, someone suggested a (non-macerating) pumping station and 110mm pipework. When I asked the supplier about this option, he said that wouldn't work well either due to the drop of pressure going from a small bore (50mm) discharge to large bore MDPE pipework. My builder says the same.

    Is there a solution that would give me peace of mind without costing an arm and a leg?
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    The Mono Grifter may be too large / expensive for your application http://www.mono-pumps.com/grifter_pump_system but reading about it will give you some help in deciding which type of equipment to use.

    We installed one in our house in 1992 and it is still in use for the new owner and has never had a problem.

    Separate macerator and a positive diplacement at each end of a single motor. Lift to the sewer in the street is a few centimetres , the distance is about 65 metres.

    If something clogs the macerator it is literally a 15 minute job to clear the blockage,

    is not true.
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