Purlin stud wall

do you reckon it’d be okay to lose them or move them? The lath ceiling is pretty solid but I was considering over boarding it or skimming it one of these days...
If you move them, you risk the ceiling sagging slightly.
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If I boarded over the joists with floorboards would that help instead? Then it would be like the rest of the floor wouldn’t it?
Boarding over the joists won't help support them ,it will just add further loading!
I’m not sure the verticals I have are hangers. They are pretty flimsy and fixed from the roof joist to a counter timber running across the Floor joists.
sounds like hangers and binders construction!
But the floorboards will be fixed to the really thick existing floor joist so will help brace the joist will it not? Failing that could I shift the hangers a bit closer to the wall? If I put in a building notice would they advise or just tell me off?


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Building Control won't 'tell you off', though some - not all - inspectors might give you some advice. But in general they don't like giving advice particularly on structural matters because most do not have the tech. knowledge that SEs do. More likely they would just say "that's fine, carry on, just send us the figures to justify it".
(Can't tell from the pic whether your ceiling joists would be OK for boarding as a floor - possibly not if the original builders used hangers).
But the floorboards will be fixed to the really thick existing floor joist so will help brace the joist will it not?
yes, but the purpose of hangers and binders is to give support to the ceiling joists so, if yours are proper hangers and binders you risk the ceiling sagging as Tony1851 said if you remove them.
I'm not an engineer but if it's just a bit of ceiling and lightly loaded floor I'd be in my garage now welding up something like this with a bit of angle iron:


You could hide some of the triangle below the floor and behind the insulation/dry lining.
Alternatively, reinstate the hangars and make an alcove for drawers or a cupboard to hide them.
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Yes that could work... a bracket off the wall screwed into joists... I’ve ended up going out to get some extra joists to ‘sister’ against the existing. Only trouble is a) the counter timbers that the hangers are attached to are in the way and b) I had to split the new joists in half to get them in the house!!!! Will that not affect their stability?
My intention was though to fix them onto brackets/hangers and then screw and glue into the existing timbers.

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