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We have acquired a "rock" door for a very good price. After hanging it we have discovered that when we close it we cannot open it from outside without the key - so the unlatch feature only works without key from inside.

we were expecting to be able to open the door without a key from both inside and out lijke the usual upvc doors.

they guy who sold it to us says that this is a feature of rock doors and that you should treat it like a door with a yale lock.
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D'ya know what, how ironic is this, the amount of posters that come on here asking for their door to lock exactly like yours does and you want yours to lock like theirs, kinda funny really.

Don't know which locking system rock doors use but its clearly a split spindle type with a lever/pad arrangement, to be fair you've got the better way of locking, at least no one can follow you in, the amount of burglaries i used to go to where the homeowner (woman) would come home from work, arms full of shopping, bursting for the loo, kicks the door shut behind her, puts shopping down, chucks keys on the little table in the hallway and runs upstairs for a wee or to lay some cable :LOL: and in follows a burglar, takes handbag, car keys, mobile phone.....

Are you really sure you want to swap locking systems?
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Best not.
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All the Rockdoors are split spindle, you'll get used to it after a few months and will be glad of it.

(Got used to mine, wasn't keen at first)

I actually looked up what douchebag meant the other day and it's some kind of vaginal wash. The douche is the water (French-shower) and the bag is attached to the douche which I presume collects all the shyte washed out of the vaginal cavity.

See? You learn something every day on here :)
if you have a handle on the outside of the door, just replace the 8mm "split" spindle with a solid one, most master locksmiths would probably give you one FOC!

remove the 2 screws on the inside handle and pull the inner and outer handles away from the door. there will probably be both half spindles and springs.

Do this early in the morning, just in case you need any help if things go wrong!

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