Quick washing machine waste connection question

28 Jul 2021
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United Kingdom

I am going to connect my washing machine waste to a spigot under my sink.
I am thinking about going behind the sink bowl and connecting to the spigot on the left in the picture. Is is ok that the spigot is not vertical?


Unfortuately I can't use the one on the right in the picture because that would involve twisting the waste pipe a lot. I can't push the pipe any more back through the hole I made as it will start to push against the bottom of the sideboard. I'm guessing I can't really cut the pipe down either without loosing the rubber fitting.

I'll try again tommorow and see if I can connect to the right spigot without kinking it too much, but if I can't, would it be ok as is? (obviously it hasn't been pushed on fully yet)
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