p-trap with spigot for washing machine, etc - do they work?

5 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
this may sound silly but - my washing machine has its own standpipe/waste pipe which then runs direct into a gully outside nearby along with the waste pipe from my sink.

i have seen p-traps with spigots on and double spigots for washing machine outlet holses and diswhwasher outlet hoses.

how exactly do these work: surely the hose cannot just connect over the spigot part? it would leak surely? have i missed something ... i have been trying to work out if they are any good after seeing one in wickes recently! they seem easier than running spearate pipes but do they really work ....
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Thats exactly how they work....push over spigot and use a jubilee clip to secure....and yes they work......sometimes push up into sink a small amount if both are emptying at same time but rare and not a problem
of course a jubilee clip to keep them secure. didn't know that just pushing them on would be sufficient though!!! my friend has a p - trap a spigot on but she doesn't have a washing machine (council put it in a few years ago) and it's one where the spigot sticks out at about 90 degrees, slightly upwards, not right upwards like the double ones i saw in wickes though! (but she doesn't obviously use the spigot). i always thought a bit of water would maybe leak out from it from time to time when the sink was emptied after washing up!!! :)
when they are made, the end of the spigot is sealed shut. You cut the closed end off when you want to use it.

BTW you have to loop the washing machine upwards, above the water level of the sink and preferably up to draining board level, otherwise sink water will gush down into the washing machine and fill it with tealeaves, bacon fat, sardine heads etc
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good point, of course otherwise water will level out and enter the machine (s)!!!! i guess you should use the hook with the otulet hose and clip it just above sink level before looping it down and onto the spigot end. :)

on normal washing machine outlet hoses with standpipes - they also need to be about 2 1/2 foot above ground level also. this i suppose is also for the same reason.....
when they are made, the end of the spigot is sealed shut. You cut the closed end off when you want to use it.....
....And some have a top hat shaped blanking plug sandwiched in the joint between the adaptor and trap you remove to use the adaptor.

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