Rccb(residual current circuit breaker) trips intermittently

11 Jul 2009
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United Kingdom
My factory mains input 3 phases RCCB (residual current circuits breaker)
4 poles 0.3mA 60A trips intermittently,I did an insulation test(1000V) to the the phases and neutral cables with respect to earth ,the result shows ok,but when I use multimeter to check the ohm reading between the phase or neutral to earth and found the reading as such ,neutral to earth is infinity, L1 phase to earth is 11Mohm,L2 to earth is 600Kohm and L3 phase to earth is 350Kohm.
Not sure whether this xxxKohm contributes to the intermittent trips of the RCCB?
Of course I have already disconnected all the cables of load and the rccb itself.

Furthermore the cables L1L2L3 phases and neutral of the RCCB are connected not according to the marking of the RCCB for example L3 is connected to the pole of marking N which suppose to connect neutral .
Would this incorrect connection contributes to the intermittent trips of the RCCB?

Pls advice,thanks!!
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