Reconfigure power supply to machinery shed

11 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom
We have a power board on pole with two 63 amp circuit breakers . Power from one goes to machinery shed and adjacent cottage . We have four caravans parked in machinery shed and require power outlets for each . I propose to replace existing double power point in shed with a circuit board containing four 30 amp circuit breakers. to supply power to a 15amp outlet for each of the four caravans. Only two caravans are in use at any time and are currently all running off adapters from the double power point.
We are isolated and cannot get a sparky to visit , but I only require advice on cable size to service powerpoints fgor tyhe caravans (15 amp) furtherest one is 20 metres from proposed circuit board on shed wall , which is 30 metres from circuit breaker ( 63amp) on Po3er pole.
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