Relocating mains stop tap

11 May 2004
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United Kingdom
Just wanted to know how easy/legit it is to move a stoptap on MDPE incoming 22/25mm MDPE.

Currently the rising MDPE rising main terminates in a stoptap with double check valve and drain valve, right in in the corner of utility room. I'm installing new units which will make the existing stop tap inaccessible, and therefore need to relocate the stop tap 50cm away in a more accessible position under a new sink.

How should this be done? (Do I have to use mdpe pipe to extend the original rising main to the new position before fitting new stop tap, dbl chk valve/drain valve, or can I replace the original stop tap with a mdpe to copper reducer and then use copper to extend to the new location?)

Or, can I leave the existing stop tap in situ and just reroute the copper pipework to the new position and install the new stop tap, dbl chk valve etc in the new location (I'm guessing this is not best practice!)

Advice appreciated!
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all you need do is install a second stop valve and second drain valve in a more accessible position That would be the easiest thing if you have the option of leaving the original fitting were they are.
You'd need a new double check valve too, and a Tee. You can do any of the suggestions as long as you have the right bits on the end in the right order.
It's probably easiest/cheapest to add a bit of mdpe under the floor with one or two connectors, and bring the old fittings up where you need them.

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