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10 Jul 2024
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United Kingdom
Hi, I am hoping someone can help me as i am tearing my hair out over this! We have a 50 inch Sharp TV given to us and recently had sky q installed. When putting the box in the worker installing was unable to link it with the volume or to turn the tv up and down. On doing a bit of digging on the sky forums it seems its an RF tv so the sky remote will never work with volume etc. I can work with that as long as i have another remote for the TV which we dont have. I did order one compatible with the TV but on following instructions to try and pair it i am unable to. Its asking me to press the standby button on the side of the tv to turn it on then once again to open a pairing menu, but when i press it once again it just turns the tv back off again. It is dementing me trying to get sorted and wondered if anyone has any advice. It would be such a waste to have to bin the tv and buy a new one due to this issue but its looking like thats what we will end up having to do :(
Thanks for any help or advice anyone can give.
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No it isnt universal simply as i cannot find an RF universal remote. They all seem to be IR. Model is LC-50cFE5101K. The remote i ordered does say its compatible but i am unable to even try pairing as every time i press the standby button for the second time as instructed the tv turns off.
Can you try a factory reset and then go through the "First time installation" route?

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I never thought of that. I might try and do that. Not entirely sure how to do a factory reset though lol
It does seem to say Infared for some reason on the connectivity part. I do have an RF remote though but i just dont seem to be able to pair it thats the problem which i will still have i imagine if order these :(
IF the manual doesn't help you perform a full reset. (You have got the TV manual and had a read of it, I hope.) Perhaps ask UMC who make the Sharp badged TVs...

The eBay item linked to has alternative pairing methods that may work with your RF remote? But other sites selling "Genuine" remotes give the same method you find switches off.
{NB do try making that second press when ON very, very brief or keep holding in for a few seconds to see if it makes a difference.}
Thanks everyone for your help it has been much appreciated. Still no joy. I did go through the manual but the problem i am having is that when i use the side buttons on the tv it does allow me to go to menu and there are different options. I can scroll up and down these but have no way of clicking into them if that makes sense. If i hit the standby button again the tv goes off. (Tried the above by doing it briefly and even holding down etc but no joy).
There is no button the side of the tv to actually select one of the options if that makes any sense.
The manual extract in post #4 indicates that the standby button is the OK / enter button when the entry is highlighted.

However, suggests that source change selection the [OK] button is the {Vol +} one on the TV... See page 13
Try that button?

If not, then this suggests, to me, a fault on the TV and may be one reason (along with no remote for it) that it was being given away? It may be worth asking UMC for advice before giving up on it entirely, though?
Thanks so much. Yep i did try both standby and every other single one seperately just to check i wasnt missing something lol and still no joy. It is so frustrating. Only given away though as it was in my nephews bedroom and he upgraded to a larger screen tv. He lost the remote about a year ago and he was happy in his bedroom to turn on and off at the side and use the volume that way. I certainly am not :) . Its such a shame though to lose it. It would have taken little hurt in his bedroom and he would have used it mainly for playstation. I have just sent an email to UMC to see what they say. Apart from that i think i need to accept we are beaten on this. Thanks everyone though for trying to help :)

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