How to stop TV going into Standby

19 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom
How do I stop my Sony Bravia (KDL-42EX443) going to standby? The sleep timer and Idle Standby are both set to OFF but it still keeps going off.

There is no aerial just the Sky box. I turn on the tv use the tv remote, select AV1, then use the Sky remote. After I turn off with the Sky remote it won't turn on again. I have to use the tv remote to turn on and select AV1 again before I can use the Sky remote.

Is there to just stick with the Sky remote. My mum can't cope with two remotes!
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is there a low power option or advanced settings option have you looked in the manual

bottom off page 40
"Idle TV Standby Selects the time (“1h”, “2h” or “4h”) to set the TV into standby mode
automatically, if you do not operate the TV for the specified period of time."

why not turn it on and set 4 hrs
There is a Sleep Timer and a Idle Standby on the tv, but I've already set them both to OFF.

Used to do the same with our last tv (a Sony Trinitron) so I'm sure it must be possible. Just used the standard Sky remote all the time, only ever needed the tv remote when the tv was switched off at the mains.
try turning it on and set for 4 hours and see if that works
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First things first.... Program the Sky remote to control the Sony TV properly.

You might also have some options with the TV to disable any unused inputs (RF + AVs + HDMIs) so that the TV only sees the sources that are actuall connected.

Selecting HDMI with the Sky remote might be tricky though. Some TVs accept the channel minus key to cycle down from RF3-2-1-0 then to the AV inputs. Or if you can disable all but the Sky box input then the TV should default to that so problem solved.
All sorted, but its a bit long winded. So here goes...

Firstly get the right code for your Sky remote. I was using 0000, its worked before and is still being quoted. Most of the Sky remote buttons work but not all, including the volume which is bit important. Searched on the Sky page and they suggested - 1679, 1779 and 1533. Tried 1679 and it seems to have worked for me.

Now the interesting bit - how to control the tv with the Sky remote. With the tv running press the "tv" then "standby" buttons on the Sky remote to put the tv into standby mode. To wake the tv up press "tv" then "standby", the Sky box also turns on at the same time so you'll get the last channel being watched.

At this stage the Sky remote is acting like the tv remote because you can access all the tv settings. If you want to change it to a normal Sky remote then press the "Sky" button. Now you can change your Sky channel using the numbers pad and access other Sky services. So basically its like two remotes in one.

Sounds a bit long but pretty straightforward once you try it. Even my mum's got the hang of it, so it can't be that hard!

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