Removed Olives From Copper Pipe - Can I reuse the pipe ?

4 Jan 2008
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United Kingdom

I have typical radiators in my house.

Whoever fitted the radiators mangled the compression nuts on all of the connections between the lockshields / trvs to the copper pipe. It looks as if they were tightened up using a set of badly fitting mole grips ??

When decorating I decided to replace the LS and the TRVs on several of the radiators.

I used an olive puller to carefully remove the brass olives from each of the 15mm copper pipes.

I noted that there is an indent around the copper pipe where the olives were located.

I appreciate that the olives have to tighten down on the copper pipe in order to create the water tight fit.

What I am wondering is whether the new LS and TRVs will tighten down on the existing pipe and create a water tight seal.

I was thinking about applying some Fernox LSX around the indent in the copper which would under the new olives as a belt and braces approach.

What I am wondering is whether to try this approach ( which might sound like a bodge ) or whether to cut into plasterboard wall and replace the length of 15mm copper pipe with new.

I would be interested in everyone's experience on this matter.

Many thanks in advance.
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New is usually better, however I have re-used many pipe and new olive setups, a good few wraps of ptfe and should be ok.
Should work but try it first. If it doesn't work, then start mashing holes in your wall..
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New olive and some paste should be fine.
You'll know pretty soon if it ain't.
Can you post a pick of a couple of the worst ones? Just so we can see how badly necked they are.

If it was me though, I have to say I wouldn't take the chance and would cut out the damaged tails and replace them if it's easy enough to do.
As dilalio said, a new copper olive and some jointing paste would normally do, if the pipe is badly strangled and you're handy with a gas torch you could "Tin" the olive on the pipe, you don't want to be digging holes in walls if you can avoid it.

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