Removing tree within 2.5 metres to house

2 Mar 2019
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United Kingdom

I would like to remove this fir tree. The trunk is one foot wide and it's pretty close to house around 2.5m away

Would removing the tree cause Foundation problems?

Would you remove it over time in stages or just cut it down at bottom of trunk?

Would the roots need to be removed?


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to be honest I wouldn't even think about it! Unless you have special reason to be worried just have it out.
There are a few trees you have to take care e.g. oak, willow, but conifers are not that thirsty
Are you having a laugh? This tree would do no damage if u remove it now, however if you leave it and let it grow higher and then remove it then you're asking for trouble.

Best make sure there are no TPO's in your area then crack on and remove it, start from top smaller branches.
As above, check for TPO's and have it down. With regards to the roots, you have a choice - either dig them out or leave them - it won't grow back like a laurel would. I've had a fair few of these down over recent years and the roots were easily dug out with a pick axe.
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I would dig the roots out too, these leylandii things usually have quite shallow root systems - tip, just cut all the branches off first, leaving just the 10' tall trunk, this will give you a bit of leverage as you start to cut through the roots, a bit of hard graft and she'll pop oot.
As above,
remove branches,
cut trunk down to a stump as close to ground level as possible ( just below even better )
Drill seeral holes into the stump.
fill holes with stump killer
cover stump securely to prevent animals / children getting to the stump killer.

wait till stump is dead then chop up and remove

roots can be left in the ground ( saves disturbing the ground )
great advice guys.

No TPOs. Will chop it down as it's obstructive.

To be honest it looks easy to remove.

I used to have a small conifer tree very near my house when i first bought the house, i chopped it down within the first 8 months, my neighbour had a larger leylandi tree in his garden with roots into my garden, the person who bought his house in 2012 choppod it down in 2014, this has caused cracks in my patio and land movement due to roots shrinkage. I know its the roots as over the last few years during oct/nov, i have fungi mushrooms growing in the garden, when i dig into it i can see the dead tree roots.

I will never buy a house with trees within 7 metres of a house front and back.
Get yourself a reciprocating saw with some long blades. After you've cut down most of the tree, plunge it around the trunk to cut the roots underground. Then the stump will come out easy.
There is a section in NHBC Standards on the potential problems with trees near to houses (zones of influence etc ) but I don't think that bush would cause too much concern if you remove it now (y)

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