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Repair and paint of bay window exterior on Victorian house

Discussion in 'Decorating and Painting' started by CPD93, 11 Oct 2021.

  1. CPD93


    11 Oct 2021
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    United Kingdom
    Hi there, I have recently bought and moved into a ground floor flat of a converted Victorian house and was hoping for some guidance / help in some work I am looking to tackle. Basically the bay window is in need of repair and I am trying to decide if this is something I can try to tackle myself (as someone with limited / no experience) or if I should leave it to a professional...the exterior of the wooden window frame has paint peeling off it (quite badly in some parts) and the wood looks like it needs minor repair where there clearly hasn't been paint for a while (although no obvious signs of rotting, more slight cracks). The sill / surround of the window is masonry and also has some paint coming off (although more lager areas that have come off rather than peeling off the wood). After doing some research for the wood window part of the job I had ordered some 2 part wood filler, a wood primer & undercoat and external wood paint. That was before I realised the sill was masonry...I am now wondering if I need different materials for the masonry part? Or if I could actually use masonry products on the wood (to prevent buying 2 lots of products) which it seems from a Google might be possible? Hopefully my question is clear and it is a relatively straightforward one (and the photos help) but if not apologies in advance! Any advice or help is much appreciated!

    Conor IMG_4210.jpg IMG_4211.jpg
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