Repairing leak in the mains supply pipe

1 May 2008
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United Kingdom
Hello all,

New house and job after job after job.

We have a small tapping/buzzing sound coming from our kitchen tap, after further investigation by looking at the water meter installed in the pavement outside the house, it appears we have a leak.

The meter is constantly going up when nothing is in use and when we turn the stop cock off at the meter the tapping stops. When we turn the stop cock off in the kitchen the meter is still going up - so good news is that it is a leak in the external mains supply and not in the house somewhere.

Now this is down to us to fix as the leak is in our boundry. My question is how easy is it for a newbie like me to find and fix the leak.

Other Information to Consider:

- The pipe is in/under soft ground, no paving just grass and soil
- The pipe coming into the house is a Black Plastic pipe, dont know measurements unfortunately.
- The run from the meter to the house is approx 4/4.5m

Im guessing it would be a case of digging up the pipe and finding the leak, turn off the supply at the meter, cutting out the leak section and replace with 25mm blue poly pipe (what connectors would I need to connect back upto the old Black plastic pipe?)

I spoke to my local water supplier and they said that to replace the whole supply pipe with Blue Poly would cost about £450/500 but I would get a £200 rebate off my water bills, this will still cost £350. I calculate that if I can do it myself it would cost well under £50 and a little of my time (good part of a day)
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You seem to have done your homework and know what is required so start digging, good luck.
As for replacing all old pipe with new, then thats up to you, i suppose if you find the leak is not on a joint and the pipe is deterioating then its a good idea to replae it all.
Can anyone confirm that I am correct in my thniking that this should be a very straight forward fix - or am I just making it sound simple in my own head????

The wife is not keen for me to do it - but then again she can see the financial savings that are to be made.
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You need to lay the pipe 750 mm down and you should be replacing ALL of the black (probably Alkathene) pipe and not just a section.

This will mean you will still need water co to inspect and connect up to their main for which you can expect a fee. :(

£350 might not be too bad a price when you consider what they will charge you to connect up.

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