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18 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom

I have quite old aluminium framed double glazed windows in my house. A lot of the window handles are damaged and need replacing if possible. I am having trouble finding suitable replacements, I have attached a picture of one of the handles that still works. Any info would be appreciated


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That's a non cranked cockspur handle. A cranked one may be a little easier to use.

You need to remove that handle to get the spindle length measurement from it.
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Is there a separate fixing plate screwed to the window? Im assuming that grub screw on the side releases the handle from some sort of plate.

As mentioned get a cockspur handle with the correct stack height but it looks like you may have to drill your own fixing holes, In which case you may have to think about deglazing them 1st or run the risk of breaking the glass with your drill.

Yes the handle is fixed to a plate with a grub screw which is attached somehow to the aluminium of the window. There are no visible screws so I am not quite sure how it is attached. As you say I suspect I may have to drill fixing holes, so perhaps not an easy straight replacement after all for a DIYer

Is this something a window repair company would do perhaps ?
Yes a window company could do this for you.
when you take the handle off are there no screws visible in the plate?

I guess its possible that they are screwed from the other side which would mean the glass has to come out.
Very odd, Ive never seen handles quite like it.
Can you feel or see if there are any fixings from underneath when the sash is opened a bit.

If not as I said they must be fixed from the other side which would require the glass removing. Its still DIYable but would turn it into a much larger job.

Are the hinges screwed or pop riveted into the frames? If screwed you can take them out fairly easily to do the work but if pop riveted you would be better off deglazing and reglazing from outside.

If it all sounds a bit much for you and you do get someone in get quotes for some new windows at the same time. It will be fairly labor intensive to fit new handles the way its looking so I would estimate quotes of about £40-£60 per handle repair. Where as a new PVC window like that one with a 10 year garentee would be around £200-£300.
Thanks Gazman

I could not feel any fixings from underneath. I think the hinges are riveted as well, as I cannot see any visible screws. New windows sound the way to go perhaps
I would guess those windows are 20+ years old so the glass units are probably nearing the ends of there lives too, So new more efficient PVC windows are probably the way to go if you can afford it.

You could probably fit some handles or sash jammers to the side of the old handles for security for the time being without having to take out the glass but you would have to be very careful drilling and choosing your screw sizes.

You could make a jig or use a block of wood to prevent the drill from hitting the glass. The aluminum will most likely be 3-4mm thick and then there will be 2-4mm gap from the Ali to the glass.

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