Replacing Euro cylinder locks - maximum sticking out externally

12 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom
There have been some break-ins in the area recently, and apparently thieves are snapping the Euro cylinder locks on the patio doors to get in. We've not got much of value to take, but I'd rather have something to act as a deterrent, so figured I'd change my 20 year old Euro cylinder locks with some anti snap ones.

I've removed the existing lock, and measured it (35/35mm). However, the outside of the current lock sticks out between 3 and 5 mm (depending on the position of the lock when tightening the screw.

Is 5 mm acceptable from a security point of view? i.e. should I replace with another 35/35, or should I drop down to 30mm (where it may be slightly behind the plate)?

(For now, I pushed it back as far as I could, to 3mm, while tightening the screw)
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no it's too far. just makes it easier to snap ideally they should be flush.
There shouldn't be much movement when screwing in the cylinder. I replaced the front door's one with a shorter cylinder and it would sit beneath the face of the handle. Made it difficult to put a key in. The thieves need to get a good grip on the cylinder and I reckon 2-3mm wouldn't be sufficient. I bought an avocet one which has a sacrificial front end, so even if snapped off, the cylinder itself is intact.

Having said that, I had issues with our avocet cylinder on one door (turned out to be the gearbox mechanism for the door) and the locksmith didn't recommend avocet - he had customers with issues with them. But look for 3-star anti-snap anti-bump anti-drill cylinders.

At the end of the day, you want thieves to either avoid your door, or give up and look at your neighbours. If they really want to get in and steal stuff, they'll find a way.
No grip required, just hammer a screwdriver in and lever away.
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The built in snap point should not stick out beyond the door .As anything sticking out after the lock snap point leaves the lock as useless as the ones without the snap point. All it takes is a hammer and a screwdriver or a chisel. So make sure the snap point is level or inside the door.

I have come across these locks been fitted by local council with the snapping point well outside the door. Simply because they don’t know how to measure for the lock required

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