Euro cylinder lock sizing

24 Sep 2012
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United Kingdom
I've just bought a new oak front door. The door comes with multi point locking and is intended to be fitted with a euro cylinder type lock. The door is 55mm thick and the multi point mechanism is in the centre of the door. I want to fit levers on a backplate. The backplate on either side of the door are about 10mm thick. So, that's a total thickness of 10 + 55 + 10 = 75mm.

I can't seem to find a euro cylinder that is exactly 75mm in length and has the 'cam' in the centre. The closest lock I can find is 80mm, which means that 2.5mm will stuck out each side of the backplate.

Is it possible to get a 75mm lock with the 'cam' in the centre ? Is 2.5mm sticking okay or does this make the lock easier to attack ?

I do intend to fit anti snap euro cylinder.

Thanks in advance.
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Is your door wood or uPVC? If uPVC it will either be 60 or 70mm thick plus your backplates. To answer your question, a 37.5/37.5 euro barrel is not available a 40/40 is the closest. If using anti-snap, a small amount protruding is ok as this is part of the sacrificial element of the barrel.
Thanks for the reply keveljay, yes the door is wood.

What you are saying does make sense, I have seen 40/40 locks online but not 37.5/37.5.

I was reading that Avocet ABS MK3 cylinder were really good.
I agree this looks a very good lock - I have not used this particular one as I tend to use either mulTlock or, my preferred upgrade is a Yale Superior series ( which is half the price and is really secure.Good luck with whatever you choose. Kev
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I was reading that Avocet ABS MK3 cylinder were really good.

I have a couple of those and I'm happy with them. Of course you normally never find out how secure they are or aren't....

The one thing I will say is that the portion that rotates in the middle is wider than on other cylinders, and in my case it rubbed against the lock case. I had to fix that by filing a tiny bit off the lock case. Maybe the problem was that the holes were too small and it will work fine in combination with any other lock.

Also the keys are magnetic. They stick to coins.
Going back to your original post then 2.5mm each side will be totally fine, its when you have 10mm sticking out it becomes a problem, 2.5mm each side along with an anti snap is sound and nothing to worry about

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