Can't get patio doors open after years of never being opened

2 Jan 2017
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United Kingdom
il try and get to the point
We have patio doors that have never been opened since they were installed, ( house that was lying empty for a number of years , we then spent 2 years doing it up )
We never had a key for these doors

I bought 2 New handles and cylinders
I snapped both euro cylinder locks and was left with what I take is the screw that holds the euro cylinder in place

I think the doors have 3 way multi point locks
I can't fit the new euro cylinders as that screw is in the way

Any suggestions for a numpty who likes to solve these things myself
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photos of the lock mechanisms please

you probably need to put a hook-like tool inside. Look at the new cylinders, they have a part that rotates out of the top.
Yep until the doors are open you can't remove the screw, so us guys use a tool like this which replicates the cam that you can see on your new cylinders....

all it does is throw a bolt within the mechanism locking it in place, they range from a fiver to over £20, a thin bent screwdriver will do the same IF you know which area to poke it in and turn
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You need a key like I linked to or a bent screwdriver and you need to flick the bolt over from one side to the other shown in my drawing below.......
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Thanks for your time on that !
Going to try the screwdriver method
Am I needing to put the screwdriver in and turn Above the screw pictured
Would an Allen key work?
Yeah it would actually, shouldn't be too much resistance in sliding the bolt over but holding the Allen key with some pliers or better still some mole grips would help, depending on how short the short bit is on your Allen keys depends on whether it's above or below the screw, the bit you need to fiddle over is above the screw, there is nothing below it.

Also for the avoidance of doubt you need to slide or turn or whatever it is your going to do towards the hinge side of the door, I only say because your pictures show you've taken photos from both sides, so whichever side of the door your on doesn't matter so long as your turning or sliding towards the hinge side
Just tried but got nowhere unfortunately
I have another multi lock the exact same that was removed from a different set of double doors so went to have a look
Here are a couple of pics.
Hard to explain but it seems that a little brass / gold bar of metal needs to be risen and lowered to open and close the 3 point lock
Only problem I can see is when it's lowered it seems to hide down behind another piece of metal so impossible to get any tool under the 'brass bar' to lift it up
Pictures might explain a little better
Would that tool linked above still work ok if I was to order one?
Is taking the doors off the hinges an option? Doors will need to come off anyway to replace rubber seals underneath
That brass bar that needs to rise and lower probably moves with the door handle. When you unlock it with a key, nothing to do with the 3 locking points moves, but that slider as in the yellow marked drawing above just moves across, then this allows the handle to operate the relevant bits. The handle obviously drives the square hole above in the door, so you'll need something in there to try after you've 'unlocked' it.
If I try to bend or cut the screw in the picture out of the way to allow a new euro cylinder in the door. Will turning the key in the euro cylinder then slide the bolt up and over as per the yellow arrows on the drawing above?
Yes, try pushing it out the way, sounds daft but there may be enough gap between the doors for the screw to disappear into

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