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31 Jan 2014
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
My builder has fitted a upvc window with a long plastic sill, when there is already a brick sill. It looks stupid having the brick sill, and then another plastic sill above it.

None of the other upvc windows have plastic sills protruding, they all sit on the brick sill. There is like a plastic strip under the frame, but it doesn't stick out like a sill (maybe this is some sort of stub sill?) I asked him to replace it but he won't.

How hard would it be for a professional window fitter to take the plastic sill off so it looks like my other windows ?

The inside of the room is newly plasterboarded, how much damage is this likely to cause?
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Sorry, yes you are right. A picture paints a thousand words. I will try and get one uploaded after work today.
If he specified the window with a PVC sill I bet he won't want to remove it, as the window will be 30mm too small then!
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I did wonder that, if the window would be too small with the sill removed. The other windows have something under the frame, prob around 30mm, and a bed of mortar under that, but it doesn't stick out like a sill.

To be fair to the guy he did trim the sill so it doesn't stick out as much. Still doesn't really look right tho.

I'll post pictures later when I get home from work.
You could replace the sill with a frame extender to gain your 30mm back, thats probably what Ben has seen.

Trouble is now because it was made with a sill it'll have concealed drainage, theres a little bit more work involved now in sealing up the concealed drainage slots under the frame and then drilling NEW face drain slots
Ok as promised there are a few pics here
The window frame with a line of mortar under it is the old window, the other one is the new window.

Looking at it again in the cold light of day, it's not the worst job in the world, so I may have been a bit uncharitable saying it looked stupid. It looks a lot better than it did to start with! To me though the original window looks ok, and this new one doesn't quite look right.

Both windows actually look like they have a plastic sill above the brick sill. I don't want to get into the debate about whether this is needed or not, but if somebody could help me understand a bit better about what's different, why the new one doesn't quite look right that would be helpful to me.

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Looking at those pictures..just going on the basis that the old window is the one with clear glass... It looks like it had a ' stubb ' cill which usually extend about an extra 10-20mm from the front of the frame. The new window ( the obscure one ) , the cill looks very odd now , also looks to me like it has been sealed between the frame and cill , so any drainage will now be blocked. If there was no cill there in the old window you would have ' face ' drainage and caps covering those holes but I can't see any , reinforcing my theory it had a stubb cill originally.

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