Return of the rough idle. 03 Golf MKIV 1.6

12 May 2014
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United Kingdom
Hiya, i have a 2003 MkIV Golf 1.6 16v with around 148k on the clock.
Had a rough idle problem a while ago which went away perfectly after the throttle body was cleaned and reset. Ran like a dream.

I have done about 280 miles in it since and all of a sudden it's back with a vengeance. It's had the odd hint of roughness after dropping quickly from high revs but this is right back to square one.

It doesn't happen first thing in the morning when the revs run higher and goes away usually if i have the air con switched on, presumably the extra revs help there.

But even a 5 minute drive, i'll park up and it'll be revving away.

Could this be a vacuum leak maybe?

Can't imagine it being the throttle body because it performed so well after being cleaned.

I'll be happy to post a video if anyone wants?

Thanks in advance,

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WD40 while its running rough spray around the vacuum pipes see can you pinpoint an air leak.

Or leave the air con on .............
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