Strange rough idle on VW Golf mk4 03 1.6 16v

12 May 2014
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United Kingdom
Hiya Guys.

I have a 2003 Mk4 VW Golf 1.6 16v with about 148000 on the clock.

I have posted before detailing my rough idle problem but this was sorted by having the throttle body cleaned and reset.

It was fine for around 250 miles and now seems to be back but strangely goes away with the AC on.

I've googled around and seems common place for turning the AC on to cause issues with the revs but to do the opposite i can't find anyone else referencing?

The only thing i can assume is it's struggling to find its idle rev when under no load but the AC increases the revs to compensate which makes it easier to find. I am no way mechanically minded so not sure if that makes any sense!

Going to be a few days until i can get to a garage so any ideas in the mean time?

So annoying i thought id had this all sorted :(

Thanks, Mark.


Upon better wording on google i have found numerous similar posts but no definitive solutions, just an awful lot of speculation, which i am open to, just none that speculate on my model so far!

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