Removal of a Fuel Filter VW Golf MK4 1.4 16V

8 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Dear All

I want to remove the Fuel Filter on a VW Golf MK4 1.4 16V. I cannot see any Jubilee Clips, VW Crimped Hose Clips , Circlips etc attached to the Fuel Pipe.

So how do I remove the old filter to renew? Do I have to prise off the Fuel Pipes as I am a little concerned about damaging the Fuel Pipe. Any ideas / suggestions will be gratefully received, many thanks.
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Where the pipes enter and leave the filter, isn't there a white band on the pipe end that you squeeze in, allowing the fuel pipe to release? Strong thumb nail required?
John :)
HI Burnerman

Thanks for the reply but there does not seem to be this white band. The Fuel Pipe Collar going into the filter appears to be one piece!

I was told the a special tool was needed? Is that correct or just brute force?
as john says there should be a visible coloured tab that you press in while pulling gently, i find it helps to push the hose on while pressing these tabs to release them. Very few release with finger pressure alone, i use a pointy nose pliers to help. Been meaning to look for a specific tool!
can you post up a picture?
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I'm pretty sure there will be a tab thats pressed in around the circumference of the fitting.....its best to depress this as far as possible, and then the pipe justs twists off.
There are some special pliers available to help with this - I have some but I find they just get in the way.
Although not strictly necessary I find it best to press the tab again when reconnecting, just to give the seal an easier time.
John :)
Thanks Chaps

Will try your suggestions and let you know how I get on.
Thanks Guys

Job was quite easy to do as long you squeezed hard on the fuel pipe connector and then twisted it off gently although it was quite stubborn and needed a bit of force. Re-fitting was just the same the pipe was stubborn to go on but managed it.

Looking at the Old Filter when emptied from the fuel inlet side from tank the petrol was dirty like fine soot had been mixed into it!!
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