RJT Fitting - What is it?

23 Feb 2005
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West Midlands
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What is an RJT fitting?

I need to connect a copper tube of 54mm to a flat piece of steel - i was looking for some sort of flange to solder onto the copper tube and bolt onto a piece of steel.

Someone mentioned an RJT fitting, said it was like a compression fitting or something?

Can anyone recommend something that would do the job of fitting the pipe to the plate? It has to be strong.

Thanks for your help!!

Mr. T.
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RJT fitting is a union for what`s more commonly known as dairy pipe. They`re in metric sizes and have a rubber `o` ring in tha middle to seal them. Try a search engine for a pic. Good luck soldering the stainless! :eek:
Yea, i'll need a big blow torch, eh?!

So, would one of those work to fit a big tube to a plate? Is it like, one piece goes on one side, and the other pieces clamp the tubing to the first piece, which is sticking through?

Does that make sense?

Thanks for your help!
Maybe i`m not reading it right. So you`ve a 54mm pipe,in copper, and you want to do what with it? From my reckoning i read it as you want to make a fixing bracket for the pipe. Am i just being dumb?
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Depends what its for and how much you want to spend :D

The best want if you want it strong, is to buy a flange, if you can braize the flange will take the copper tube, or you can buy an 2" BSP flange and screw in MI x Copper into it.
Yea, okay - it's a bit cryptic! Stay with me here...

Yes, i've got a 54mm copper pipe. I need to attach it to a piece of steel that is about 4mm thick - a steel plate. I need the join to be 'releaseable', if there is such a word! I was thinking of some sort of 'tank/hose' fitting - perhaps fit, somehow a screw fitting to the plate and then a piece to tubing so they screw together.

I imagine some sort of flange fitting - i was going to have one made by a local engineer but was thinking there may be a premade version for the plumbing industry.
The RJT fittings are 50 mm outside diameter, so you wouldn`t get a good marriage on the 2. Unless you`re a competent at braizing i`d let an engineer sort it for you. Like doitall says, depends how much you want to spend.
As I said you can buy a braizing flange which could bolt to the steel, or you could but a threaded flange and screw a fitting into it.

Alternatively you could use a 54mm tank connector.
Ok, these sound good. I've found a few 42mm tank connectors - It's a compression fitting basically, yes?

Where would i find a braizing flange?

I don't want to spend £160!

If it's a nice solution, i'd maybe pay up to £50, if that helps?
A 54mm flanged tank connector will set you back £45 ish plus vat from BSS code number 86213473.

best to ask in store
OK, i gave BSS a call, local to me. They have the 54mm in stock and it's about £30 - so thanks for the tip.

I've searched for images and i just want to get this right - it's a flange that fits through a hole with a thread on it that clamps it to the tank/metal that has the hole in. Then the 54mm tubing has a standard compression/olive fitting on it?

Thanks again.

Mr. T.

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