Whats the story with PLASTIC PUSH FITS ?

1 Nov 2004
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United Kingdom
Just wondering, but such is the ease of fitting these, with the plastic tubing etc, that I thought every plumber would use these, instead of messing about with copper ?

is it just the cost difference ?

im wanting to install a bath, and want to use a plastic TEE piece ( connecting straight onto exisiting copper pipe ) and then use all plasitc tubing / plastic push-fit connectors, right up and onto the bath TAPS.

does this sound OK ?

or is there some technical reasons for choosing copper ? :?:

cheers, this site has been BRILLIANT so far !!!!!
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Copper is rigid and the fittings are smalland cheap. Plastic doesn't bend at sharp angles so gets to be a nuisance. Most plumbers use plastic when it's easier - time is money. Under sinks and baths its fine in my view.
Recently completed exactly what you are considering boogsy. Bit more expensive than copper but so easy and no blow torches between the joists to set the house on fire. Connected onto existing copper no problem, remember to bridge your earth connections (safety and regs) across any none copper pipes.
I have installed alot of plastic pipework in my house purely for ease of use but I am now very worried as I did not fit earth bonding for all of the applications. However , after reviewing all of the pipe work I find that the actual water inlet to my house is 22mm plastic pipe therefore rendering any earth bonding on other areas as useless . Any suggestions are gratefully received
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decent plumber wouldnt use the stuff properley installed copper will outlive you mate
try using viking jhonston on black iron
rant over :LOL:
I'm just about to do the same and was thinking about pushfit plastic, (sound like kev don't aprove) :evil: , I do think copper looks better. I fitted a washing machine and used plastic down a wall, a bit ugly!!
BUT, what do you all think about copper pushfit?

Great site with good, sound advice. Thanks :D

well, after using SPEEDFIT push-fit, all i can say is theyre excellent.......

there is NO WAY the thing is gonna leak, once it grips, it holds on tighter than ( Insert joke here.........! )

BRILLIANT, and oh so easy to use, probably why real plumbers dont rate them ( cant blame them really ! )

MAYBE properly fitted copper will last longer, but the thing is, IMPROPERLY installed copper will be a nightmare.........

in my case, it was extremely hard to cut into the original copper pipe and install a TEE piece, as space was almost non existent, to try and solder a copper TEE in that space would have been simply impossible

personally I think the white tube looks nicer too, it would go green, discolour etc

and SO SO easy to cut the plastic and it bends too allow for expansion etc

PERFECT I love it.

TIP: 15mm plastic piping, once fitted with the INSERTS will reduce bore somewhat, compared to 15mm copper pipe, SO I went for oversized 22mm everywhere, as the inserts here, will still give much more bore than 15mm.

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