Roof dry ridge union fittings

12 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
Does anyone know if you need to fit ridge union fittings to a dry ridge roof system?

We had half of our roof refitted recently (the original part of the house which was 40 years old) and they used ridge union fittings.

But the extension part of the house, its roof was fitted 15 years ago and they didn't use ridge union fittings.

You can see the difference in the attached photo.

One of the new ridge unions had recently blown off.

I'm just wondering how important these are in terms of weatherproofing a roof or is it more an aesthetic thing?



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Thanks for the quick reply. That's reassuring to know.

Is it quite common for these union fittings to fall off? I only had the new part of the roof fitted in July and that's one came off already.

If they do come off does it compromise the weatherproofing in anyway?

I'm wondering if this could be a regular occurrence anytime there are strong winds.

The clips hold the ridge to the ridge batten, if they come off the ridge tile will be loose.
They should be a tight fit.
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If something's come off , then it was not fixed properly.
The newer one has stainless screws , washers and metal plates securing things .
The older one ( Marley I think) uses the clip system that clips to a track

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