Rounding off the end of a pole

13 Mar 2019
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United Kingdom
I have a 1.5" diameter ash pole that I am using to make a hanging pull-up bar with. It was sold as a tool handle and has one flat and one hemispherical end. I would like to round off the flat end so that it looks consistent [yeah, chopping the round end off will make it consistent, too, but that wasn't the question :D ]
I have:
- hand saws
- sliding mitre saw
- circular saw
- small sanding flap wheel
- hand and power drill
- chisels
- jigsaw

What technique should I use here? I don't mind acquiring more tools within reason but if the answer is "you'll need a lathe", then two flat ends it is!
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What I am picturing here is some kind of hemispherical concave cutter that goes in the drill, bish bash bosh, one round end [like a massive pencil sharpener]. But I don't know what it's called or if it even exists.
Fix the drill with the flap wheel to a bench in such a position that the the pole can be laid on a flat surface, rotated and moved into contact with the flap wheel. Then sand end of the pole to shape with the flap wheel, rotating it on the flat surface you sand it to get an even sand around the end to form the shape you're looking for.
There is a tool designed to ream the outside of a stud.
don’t know if it’s affordable in1 1/2 “
you put it in a drill and push it into the tool, but it’s a bit specialised.

I’d be tempted to use the flap wheel as suggested.
you could buy one of the below and try it?
shape with a sander until it fits

dunno if it would work on wood”&qid=1661446839&sprefix=external+deburring+tool+1+1%2F2+%2Caps%2C109&sr=8-43
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Know anyone who can lend you a belt sander , would do the job in a couple of minutes.
Yeah, my cheapo Lidl belt sander came with some clamps and is designed to allow it to be mounted as a Linnisher
Ahhh. Belt sander. OK. I am due to inherit one shortly, so will wait a few weeks to attempt this.

A "deburrer" is probably what I was thinking of although it would end up conical, but that would be a good place to start.
You don't need another tool (as much as you may want to add to your collection) the flap wheel will do the job easily and quickly enough.

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