Kitchen Worktop Cutting

10 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi Everyone,

i wonder if you could help me please, I have had a joiner mitre some new 50mm worktops for my kitchen as well as cutting the holes for the hob and sink.

Everything has been fine until I tried to fit the sink today and it doesn't sit flat all round after further investigation it looks like the cut on the right hand side of the sink hole isn't straight and will probably explain why it isn't sitting flat all round.

Now my question is as follows whats the best way for me to trim the edge, I don't own a router so it's either jig saw against a straight edge or hand saw, but I also need to minimize chipping the laminate.

If a jigsaw is the best route is there a particular blade I need to do this, I have tried contacting the joiner as he was supposed to come back today but he hasn't turned up or made any contact.

P.S I do have his industrial chop saw in the kitchen so I would have thought he would come back but if not I will sell it LOL.
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Presuming its a Stainless sink ,they have a 10mm retaining lip that holds the fixing clips underneath and if the cut isn't true to the shape it can deform the shape of the sink in the cut,, if its just pushing the sink up slightly use a file to take off the excess, if its too much for filing (in which case the joiner needs another job) trim a little at a time with a jigsaw using a laminate blade (the teeth face down) ,Put masking tape where the sink is going making sure its square to the worktop and mark around the outside of the sink and then measure 10mm in and make another line and make sure you cut the inside line,
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Some ss sinks need to be fitted/clamped down to flatten them out,as what he he ^ said.

Are you using the existing ss sink ?
Thanks for the replies everyone it's a composite sink but at 8:30 this morning the joiner arrive at the door unexpected :)

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