Rust free shower riser rail?

17 Feb 2006
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United Kingdom
Redoing bathroom

Trying to find a shower riser rail (+ matching head possibly), that won't rust. Ever.

So I need either stainless steel, or chrome plated brass.

Can only find one s/s:

Which is ok, but a bit nursing home looking. The riser is s/s and the shower head holder chrome plated brass, according to them.

I don't mind chrome plated brass as long as it really is, throughout. Including brackets etc.

I've done tons of work myself on this bathroom and spent a fair bit of money on a hugh Bette steel bath, so I don't mind spending. Longevity is the the thing here. I rendered the walls myself after a 'plasterer' messed it up, tanked them, top quality adhesive, tiles, grout etc. All with added waterproofers or whatever. So I don't want anything that can corrode.

Anybody got any reccomendations please?
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plastic one

what make is your shower mixer? they probably sell a matching, overpriced rail

The mixer is a deck mounted Bristan Artisan Thermostatic one. The beauty of which is that I've not got pipe work behind the tiles, or mounted on them.

Bristan isn't very forthcoming about what their risers are actually made of. Most manufacturers aren't. They say 'chrome' or something. Well, it's not going to be solid chrome is it. But if it's chrome plated plastic or chrome plated steel I'm not interested.

I know what you mean, plastic isn't goint to rust. But the steel fixing brackets will. And the thing that grips the shower head breaks (mine did).

I'm a bit old fashioned. I expect things to be well made and last. I'm not into this thing of redoing every room in the house every 5 years. I'm 52, and don't expect to touch this bathroom again in my lifetime.

I might end up having to go for the Dolphin one. I expect it's a hygiene thing. They know they can use harsh disinfectent on it that might take chrome plate off.
chrome ones are usually chrome on brass, by better makers.

I use stainless screws in the bathroom, as chromed brass screws are not very strong and the heads burr easily.

I got Aquilisa mixers with Targa kits, which as far as I know are chrome on brass. Aquilisa is certainly expensive enough.
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Any experience of the Midas 100 kits then? Any sort of memory what the riser rail might have been made of?

Even though I've actually already got fitted, and working a Bristan therm mixer, I wouldn't mind changing. I found that if the pressure drops to the shower enough (someobody turns kitchen tap on, or whatever) then the diverter valve thing drops to bath. The Midas 100 looks as though the shower/bath diverter 'locks' in one position or another.
sorry, I am only an amateur. I though that a thermostatic shower would cope with fluctuations due to other taps. I have a Aqualisa mixers which are supposed to balance the pressure a bit, provided they both start out about the same (they are shower mixers, not bath/shower).

Presumably you have both hot and cold either (1) both tank fed or (2) both mains pressure?
Me amateur too!!

The thermostatic mixer copes with minor variations. You can feel it (if you're in the shower at the time!). So if something happens elsewhere - loo being flushed for instance - the flow drops just a little as the temperature normalises itself. The temperature doesn't stay absolutely constant, but enough for safety. Certainly not the alternate scalding/icy cold blasts I used to get before. Mind, I'm pretty sure the wife stood by kitchen sink turn the cold and hot on and off, cackling all the while!!

What I think does happen is that if the pressure drops too much too much to stay within some margin of safety then it cuts off, or rather drops down to bath flow. Which of course is what may well happen with the Aqualisa.

But that's for later, I can always change it. For now I'm trying to do all the drilling and fixing before the bath goes in. I've tiled everything except the bottom course.

That Dolphin Prestige looks a bit like overkill. But the specs are top notch. All metal, stainless bar, chr/brass fitting, rated up to 125kg load bearing etc etc. So will see me and several generations after me out. £230 + vat is one hell of a lot for JUST a riser bar, but I've always said to myself that the advantage of doing this myself is that the money I saved on paying people could go on kit. Which is how I paid £1000 for a square white bath!
I`d go with Grohe :idea: but 5 years @ your age isn`t a lifetime :cry: Buy 2 - the issues aren`t with the rails , they are with the fixings to the walls etc. Then , 15 years down the line you can`t get anything to cover the holes :idea: So with 2 you get a reasonable chance of longevity- and you could take the metal rod out and get it Triple Chrome Plated , after the chromers have removed the original finish . THAT will see you out - and you could have it made into coffin handles , then fit the normal spare one . :LOL: . Dunno about calling a shower " artisan " tho` :confused: makes me think of a hairy arsed tattooed plumber. I got a corner bath with hydro jets on Freecycle and a genuine Jacuzzi shower tray for £25. ;) Perks of the trade.
Thanks, but I'm going with this:

it's so well specified that's it's no competition. In their main brochure they give a fuller description. It's basically a grab handle with a shower head holder attached. The grab handle has umpteen DIN specs, load bearing up to 125kg, four fixing holes, theft proof fixings, 4mm think ss fixing plate etc. etc. It's aimed at disability bathrooms and I think is intended to fit whatever architectural specs have to be met. The shower head holder is chrome plated brass.

Might seem over the top, but this is a do once do it right situation. Yes, I'll fix with ss screws (or maybe brass, after driving the hole with steel screws) which is what I do for everything that might get wet.

TBH, I'm getting a bit jaded at the temporary nature of so many products used in building, so if I have to spend to get permanence, so be it.
...and I'm glad I did.

Emailed both Hansgrohe and Aqualisa. Both of which are non cheap brands. And they replied, to their credit.

Seems like the bars are metal, but the end fittings are plastic (but chrome plated).

For me that's not good enough. I know plastic is often a wonderful material, but I don't see what they can't make the fittings that will fix this to the wall out of a material that won't corrode or degrade.

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