Rustins Oil spillage

6 Nov 2011
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United Kingdom
I applied some Rustins oil to a door and I didn't spot some running and it has dried.

How do I rectify this?

The can suggests cleaning previously oiled surafces with white spirit but that hasn't made much difference.

Should I:
*Apply more oil to the area as it is
*Try with more white spirit then re-oil
*Sand then re-oil
*Something else
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it oxidises into varnish, so the longer you leave it, the harder it will get. If it is still soft, a metal scraper will take blobs and runs off. I imagine it is not hard enough to sand.

Instructions for oil usually say apply no more than will soak in, and wipe off the excess.

Didn't your tin say on the back "Apply liberally with a clean rag or brush and wipe off the surplus oil after a few minutes?"
Yes, those are the instructions.

So are you suggesting to leave it then sand?

There's a glossy patch where it ran.
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The blobs / runs have gone, it's just a shinier patch then the rest of the panel. I applied the oil 3 days ago.

How can I get it to match?
you could try the "de-nibbing" process described on the tin, then clean off with white spirit before it dries.

The shine will be because you still have a coating of hardened oil lying on the surface that did not soak in.

If no luck, wait until it is really hard, then use a very fine wet-and-dry paper, wet with water and detergent, just to take the shine off. Dry sanding will probably make it roll into tiny balls.

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