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17 Jan 2010
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United Kingdom
Hello all,
I currently have a PVC type front door with 4 hinges and a sinle main door lock.

It's one of those latches that shuts, you then lift the handle for 3 protruding locks in the door edge to enagage and then lock with the key to hold them there.

I've never liked these doors and from past experience and that of a few friends, the burglers find them easy pickings, maybe it's because they flex? and are not solid enough??

What can I do to seriously strengthen them on a limited budget?

I was thinking of using a wooden door as my basic research shows that you can use london/birmingham bars on them (still not sure exactly what they are) as well as hinge bolts and additional mortice/deadlocks.

My concerns are how easy is it to have an strengthened door frame put in as that seems to be the weak point on most doors?

Can any additional locks be added to the current UPVC door?
Does drilling into the UPVC give enough strength for securing door fittings?

coming home to find your door open along with one of those iron grilles! is not a fun prospect and my wife is always scared being home alone.

my back door is a flimsy UPVC type with 2 hinges on the outside (out opening) and a flimsy looking frame.

The most viable security doors I can find cost around £800 just for the door!

any help greatly appreciated.
thanks, regards
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As an ex pvc fitter now service engineer i cant disagree with anything you've said, extra security for a timber door seems to be more abundant than for pvc, this is maybe because pvc doors are meant to be 'secure by design'.......well some of them :(

Something you maybe haven't considered is a composite door, some are steel others are GRP, all one piece outer with a timber core so won't snap in half with a good kick, the frame is timber and the outer edge of the door too so your can use hinge bolts as well as a london or birmingham bar

Also hinges on the outside leaves your door very vunerable too, doesnt matter how many hooks you have or how strong they are, one crow bar behind the hinges............i wont go on as admin will delete.

Hope this helps :)
cheers foir that, it's one of those things I was hoping to be wrong lol.

are there not advatanges with in/out opening doors? ie. out opening exposes the hinges but has extra strength against being kicked in as the whole frame is holding it.

can you get security hinges? and aren't hinge bolts (3 or 4) meant to help by stopping the door being removed if hinges fail?

I've seen that link when I researched london/birm bars. They appear to support the frames and not the door.

Any links to reputable sites with quality doors on a budget kinda thing?

the security doors which were expensive seem to be wood with steel reinformcement, probably why so expensive.
If I replace the back door, would you recommend a normal inward opening door?

thanks, regards

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