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Shed and garden wall dilemma

Discussion in 'Building' started by JLCSerious, 5 Apr 2021.

  1. JLCSerious


    5 Apr 2021
    Thanks Received:
    United Kingdom
    Hi, hope everyone is well.

    I want to build a shed at the end of the garden, you can see the area where the concrete pad is already down in the photos. Shed will be timber.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for how to deal with the dodgy patchwork brick wall on the left and back before I start? It looks like it’s about to fall over.

    I was thinking to build another concrete block wall just in front of it, and then build off that with some sort of deflection / gutter for the rain water as I don’t want to have a gap around the outside.

    Ideas would be greatly appreciated, cheers.

    70508D4F-5B57-4AAE-9AD1-2566870783C6.jpeg 23195613-5F2A-4D7E-86C3-8600DC625EBD.jpeg EBF75ECA-2B8F-4B41-8F33-8388C63BCF15.jpeg C3641CA7-1FD5-4B06-8D77-F455B03E6DF4.jpeg F0CB843F-CCEC-4E13-9EDC-55FE1C2CA39A.jpeg
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