1. davemate23

    Can I plane this ridge beam down?

    Hi, I’ve been trying to convert my shed, which the previous owner had as a pretty decent workshop (that I just filled with junk), into a gym. The headroom isn’t quite enough for decent clearance on the treadmill and I’ve already removed the bulky fluorescent light fittings, and am replacing...
  2. D

    My Garden Office/Studio project

    Hi, I thought I’d start a thread here as this project is going to take a long time and will most likely involve a lot of skills I haven’t got yet! I live in a 1937 three bedroom semi detached house with a reasonably sized back garden (roughly 20m long and a little bit wider than the house)...
  3. G

    Messed up felt, can I save it?

    Hi, Rushed felting my shed yesterday as I had a few days dry. Was basically dark and cold when doing it which was probably a bit silly. Can I save it, without needing to bin that layer? The middle panel is down with adhesive, that’s where it went major wrong for me. I watched someone roll...
  4. F

    Shed Wiring

    Hi, I'm looking to add additional sockets and light switches. However, I'm wondering what's the best way to go about it safely without any complications. The trouble is that the wiring leading to all 3 sheds are directly powered from the internal consumer unit in my house, via a single mains...
  5. R

    Shed gym on type 1

    Good afternoon all, I have a Mercia 4mx3m shed being delivered in a couple of days. I have dug down and put in a type 1 pad for the shed to sit on. It was compacted in stages and there’s around 4t used for the base itself. Am I okay putting the shed on slabs to raise it? I have some wood that...
  6. S

    Brick outbuilding --where to start?

    Hi there, Finally getting around to this after moving house in 2021! We've got a single-skin brick outbuilding, with pretty modern roof and doors/windows. But the brick walls and especially the (concrete) floor are in poor condition, so I'm wondering what to do. It's extremely damp in there --...
  7. christicles

    Gym/Work Shed advice

    I'm working on planning out a new shed build to replace the old falling apart flimsy shed that's currently in the back garden. I'm going to base the final design on the one in the pics below. It'll be around 3m x 6m and will be split into 2 halves. One side a workshop/tool shed, the other I want...
  8. C

    Boundaries and height limits

    As I understand it, if you build a shed or similar structure in your garden, you are allowed to go no more than 2.5m high if it is within 1 M of your boundary. If it is more than 2.5M then it has to be at least 2M from the boundary. Is this correct so far? We are looking at installing one of...
  9. B

    Vinyl flooring for sheds

    I have just bought a wooden shed with a 3mm plywood base. I would like to cover the floor with roll Vinyl flooring. The choice and selection and the price variation is so confusing. I will be putting up metal shelving for storage and will have couple of tables to work on. I would also need to...
  10. A

    Can you cut 20mm PIR into spacers to maintain void between 50mm PIR & shed wall?

    I'm insulating my shed to use as office. It's quite thick and sturdy, like a log cabin in construction. I'm planning to attached 70mm deep (finished size) stud frame to wall, fit 50mm cellotex (leaving 20mm air gap behind it), then tape and plasterboard. Battens seem to be either 19mm or 25mm...
  11. S

    Blockwork Shed Questions

    Hi. I don't have any building experience at all :eek: but I am going to have a go at making my own tool storage shed out of blocks (roughly 3m by 1.5m and just high enough to walk in). I'd appreciate any comments and suggestions on my "plan". As I progress I'll think more about each step before...
  12. S

    Yet another nail gun question

    Hi all I have some garden projects planned. I need to build some picket fences and build a large summer house with T&G cladding. Lat work I did was a log store and I used an electric Tacwise nailer (max 40mm) which worked but I feel the nails arent long enough. I have a fair few Dewalt 18v...
  13. D

    Shed Roof Insulation

    Hi All, new here so please bear with me. I have recently replaced the flat roof on my brick built shed and am thinking I am wanting to insulate the roof as I am getting condensation on the underside of the roof boards. I have some left over loft insulation, enough to do the job, so was thinking...
  14. S

    Timber framing question - Turning shed into office / garden room

    Looking for advice please. Apologies if this question has already been asked - I have read all I could on the forum and I appreciate the shed timber framing might not be sufficient but I've got to work with it. I have an existing shed, approx 8ft by 11ft. its made from CLS 33x68mm timber...
  15. N

    Insulating new shed floor (concrete base, 38mm bearers)

    I am buying a 5m x 3m shed and have a nice flat concrete slab to put it on. shed is pre fabricated and will be assembled on delivery. I have requested damp proof course and 22mm t&g flooring. There is no option to insulate under the floor so am trying...
  16. C

    Painted shed/summer house without treating it first

    I think I’ve messed up and painted my new corner summer house without treating it first. It’s quite small (7ft * 7ft) as my garden isn’t that big and I need to put it right in the corner of the garden up against the fence. I painted the panels before assembly with Bedec Barn paint, and now...
  17. R

    Insulating Shed - To Air Gap or not

    Hi all, Just in the process of constructing a new pre-fabbed shed. Planning to store some tools and a few other bits in there so want to make sure it's insulated. At the moment the shed has 40mm studs. I've picked up some Thermal foil insulation (acts as a vapor barrier), and was also planning...
  18. JD2012

    Can I Varnish over Cuprinol Shed Treatment?

    Can I Varnish over Cuprinol Shed Treatment? My shed is painted with Cuprinol Forest Green. I repaint it once a year. I have noticed the Cuprinol around and on the door has been sort of scoured off with the rain. Could I paint varnish over it without stripping back to the wood? Thanks :)
  19. J

    Summer house/ workshop with C16 timber instead of c24 any good?

    Due of timber cost going mad day by day I was thinking to use c16 4x2 timber to make a garden summer house/ workshop in conjunction with 18mm plywood. Would you use c16 as main structure for the walls and what is the real cons against the c24? Thanks
  20. S

    Shed base

    Hi guys. I'm building a shed measuring 13ft x 8ft (I know 12ft would be better for timber sizes but I am building as big as I can in the space the missus has allocated). Today I've dug down 150mm ish to the depth I want my concrete. See pictures. The corner of the shed will be in front of the...