1. T

    Operating a shed light with a second FCU

    Greetings and apologies for my basic diagram, but hopefully it serves its explanatory purposes. Can I operate the shed lighting using a 3A switched FCU in this way? Also do the live and neutral of the load terminals simply connect to the two terminals of the light fitting, and can I use 1.5 sq...
  2. Richskirich

    Sloping shed base

    Hi, I'm building a workshop at the top of the's 6x3.5m. the slab has been poured but due to a mess up on my part it has a 0.5⁰ slope from the back to the front, putting the front around 50mm lower than the back. It will be a timber framed workshop on a single course of bricks (which...
  3. D

    Shed next to house - whats the smallest gap without problems?

    I want to build a long narrow shed down the side of my house. What is the minimum amount of space I can leave between the shed and the house to prevent any problems to the house such as damp? Im not concerned about needing to get down the side as the shed will not need maintaining. I will...
  4. bettz1

    Shed Felt advice

    Thanks to this lovely weather I've got to re felt my shed tbh I've been patching it up for a while. I've no idea how I'm going to do it as I can't get the left fascia off as the previous owner has put it up against the wall. Any advice on what felt I should get? I've had a quick look on...
  5. vintcerf

    window install help

    Hi all, I'm trying to install a window in my shed and wondering how best to do it. I've attached some photos and the window leaves a gap of about 2 to 3 cm around the window opening. do I also need a cill/sill? The window is aluminium. Thanks
  6. Richskirich

    Concrete slab pouring

    Hi! I'm building a large shed/workshop (6x3.5m) at the top end of our garden. It might potentially have a car in it on occasion. I have read that 100mm should be deep enough. I have dug down to subsoil with a digger as it was on a slope. My question is 2 fold. Firstly, should I be using...
  7. Mike7898

    Shed on concrete base

    Hello, if building a shed/garden office directly on a raised concrete base the perfect size do I need to allow bearers underneath the shed or will I be ok as my membrane will overlap my concrete? Cheers
  8. Mike7898

    My garden office

    I am building a garden office at present and have laid a concrete base which will be just smaller than the finished shed size. My question is will I need to raise the shed or can I lay the floor directly on the concrete base?
  9. D

    Chicken Coop - Lots of pictures

    Evening all, A little project i had to do as a result of getting 4 chickens at short notice. It started out as some kind of chicken coop / dog run / shed that was already at the property when we moved in. It was in a poor state and i used it to sling a few logs in amongst other crap. The roof...
  10. F

    Re-roofing the shed...metal stitching screws?!

    This weekend I'm going to re-roof our big garden shed, it's about 5.5x3.5m with a single pitch. An asbestos contractor is coming to remove the leaky old roof. I have shiny new 0.7mm corrugated tin with felt backing ready to put on, 12 pieces so each run is in 2 pieces with a decent overlap. But...
  11. JD2012

    Best Paints for Shed and Fence.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for the best Shed and Fence paints? I have been using Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback but I am finding that on the fence in particular its fading in sort of yellowish bits on the fence and not lasting five years. On the shed there is some fading on the door but...
  12. F

    Moisture-proof floor for metal shed

    Hi, I have a metal shed which I originally bought without a floor as I had arranged a concrete base to put the shed on as part of some renovation work. However, once the shed was put on the concrete base I found that rainwater was making it's way inside the shed so I bought a plastic grid base...
  13. S

    How much space from flue to shed

    Hi, I’m looking to relocate a shed. Does anyone know what the UK restrictions are as to how close it can be placed to the external flue? It’s one of the types of flues which emits straight out, its a new build. I presume there is a radial distance? thanks.
  14. G

    Covering back of neighbour's shed

    Hi all we've had our brick shed removed that was a double shed attached to the neighbour's shed. The builders filled in the gaps under the exposed roof with expanding foam as well as where bricks were removed in the middle. Firstly, will this all provide enough weatherproofing for our...
  15. Ouch77

    floor for gym-shed

    My new shed is needing a suitable floor covering for its intended purpose - exercise bike, treadmill and weights (if there's space). Popular opinion seems to be some form of rubber floor, either in tiles or sheet-roll, which I'd agree appears to be durable, cleanable, nonslip and water...
  16. Ouch77

    Insect mesh for eaves of new shed

    Hi all, I got me a new shed. looking tidy by Ouch77 posted 19 Jun 2020 at 8:23 AM I'm currently fitting it out. I'm putting 100mm rigid insulation between the 6" roof timbers with an air-gap above (it's actually pretty effective even now in this 30° heat). I want to discourage insects...
  17. J

    Workshop Roof Support

    Hi, Building a workshop/shed in garden. Have used concrete blocks to form walls and have now reached point where a roof needs to be considered!! I'm thinking a concrete lintel to span doorway? Overall width is 3.05m and door opening is 2.42m as I have 'rescued' a set of patio doors. The...
  18. P

    Lean to shed

    Hi All I'm planning to build a lean-to shed next to my house. The existing passage is already tight, so need to put the wall as close to the fence as possible. I can't really remove the fencing, so I'm struggling with coming up with a way to screw in the cladding after I put up the posts. The...
  19. M

    Project Garden Room Advice

    Hi all, I have a UPVC garden room structure at the back of my lawn. It is in a disastrous state as you can see in the pictures and I have been using it as a storage room only. Given the extra time on hands this summer, I am thinking to start doing some projects which help this room to be usable...
  20. L

    Flashing for shed lean to

    I'm planning on building a simple lean to that will stick out of the back of my shed. The plan is for it to be a wooden frame with a corrugated bitumen roof. Its just for keeping the rain off various things that I dont have space for in the shed. What I was wondering is how to do the flashing...