Should I buy a Spray painter? If so which one?

26 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom
I have a whole empty house to decorate, some bare plaster and lots of woodwork to paint including interior doors. And some mdf cupboards.
Plan on doing white woodwork - have some Dulux mdf primer, Johnstones water based primer/undercoat and satin top coat for woodwork.
Ceilings will be white matt emulsion and for now walls will be off white emulsion ( will be making the 'colours' by adding pigment to white paint) - have some cheap contract matt (used for mist coat for plaster) and Johnstone's covaplus for walls .
I will also have the outside to paint - wood facings and metal (double garage door), railings.
And a shed and a fence...
Came across paint sprayers - thinking that one might be a good investment,especially for things like getting a good finish on the doors....

I think I would need a mid range HVLP one ...
Last post I can see about this was from 5 or so years ago - guessing technology has moved on and they are now better than they were.
So should I get one - thinking I won't need to do much masking in an empty shell and if I do am I right thinking HVLP would be the most flexible type? And any recommendations?
The other thing I thought about was doing the final coats on things like skirtings (which are currently mainly off anyway) and walls with a brush/roller for the finish (to get round the need to use a sprayer for touch ups) but doing all the priming coats with the sprayer....
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I have a basic one (Wagner) teach be to watch the shopping channels!
Yes it does work and with practice a reasonable coat, but nothing like a faultless showroom shine, masking is tedious every window (then try and "work in a ventilated area") door frame, switch and skirting. The gun needs refilling quite often and don't believe that "just swill it under the tap" rubbish they promise you, like good brushes thorough cleaning is essential. You need a darn good mask too. I swear I am faster with a brush and roller! ;)
I'm thinking of getting a Wagner one that is £150 ish - in fact almost bought one yesterday.
Won't need to worry too much about masking etc as it is a shell and mainly white .. and things like the doors and skirtings will be off and I'll do them whilst off (maybe final coat when back on)
And if I do use it for mainly first coats/priming the finish won't need to be that great, as long as they are even ish.
If nothing else I have a couple of largish areas that need mist coating. I've done one ceiling with a roller and even being careful as I could be it was a mess - the thinned down paint splattering everywhere - I don't think a sprayer could make more mess! (although I could be wrong...) I came across spray painters whilst I was looking at tips or some kind of roller guard for mist coating the rest of the ceilings.
I did watch one youtube video and the guy said how brilliant it was - but the big job he did looked really patchy and doing a door it looked like someone had flicked paint on. Maybe I could spray as a way of getting the paint on and then go over it with a roller.
Still dithering - I think I will get one and see how I get on - I can sell it on if I hate it or if when I've finished I think it won't be any use for doing the odd room/garden fence etc. Thinking it is probably worth trying....
If I do I'll update this post with how it goes.

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