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9 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
Wasn't sure whether to put this in plumbing or doors forum, so decided on here, hope it's ok....

Have a bi-fold shower door, installed maybe 5 years ago, and the hinges are beginning to go a bit wonky.

The side where it's fixed, those 2 hinges seem to be fine.

In the middle, where it folds, it seems with the opening and closing, that it's continually loosing (I tighten the screws, and with one movement of the fold, it seems to loosen, and doesn't seem to tighten back, so it's continuously loosening; probably not supposed to loosen and tighten in the first place). Also, when the screws are fully tightened, there is still a bit of a gap, is seems one of the plastic/nylon parts has deformed slightly.

On the other side where it's supposed to slide across as the door opens, the top hinge also loosens like the middle hinges, and the bottom one seems to have stiffened up, and has actually come out of it's guide, because it wasn't rotating correctly.

So are parts like these hinges readily available, are they fairly standard parts used by various manufacturers? I don't think it was a named brand, but when I was looking at doors in B&Q and a few other places recently, the sizes, shapes and parts all looked the same.

Or if I can't get parts, any tips that might enable me to get a bit more life out of the doors? Frame and glass are fine and solid otherwise, would be a shame to have to replace the whole lot because parts worth only a few quid are faulty.
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Thanks, but no, the hinges on mine are completely different, I've uploaded images of the left "sliding" hinge, and the middle "folding" hinge.

You can see how they loosen over a few weeks. The middle hinge, when all 4 screws are fully tightened (2 top, 2 bottom) there is still a gap like you can see at the right-hand attachment of that hinge.
Have you tried a little locktite on screws to stop them coming loose.
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No, I haven't tried that, do you mean to put glue on the screwhead and washer or the plastic/nylon?

I took apart one of the hinges, you can see the parts on the attachment, it goes screw, washer, top part of hinge, copper (I think) bush, bottom part of hinge. The bush had some dirt/corrosion/oxidation coat on it, so was stuck in the white parts quite tightly, a rough clean of the bush seems to have freed up the joint a bit. Wondering if movement of the joint, with it sticking and freeing up, might be working the screws out?

If that's the hinges sorted, the wonky bottom folding hinge is still causing the sliding door to sag. It doesn't look like the top and bottom folding hinges are swappable, so I think I may still need a replacement, or make something myself. The more I think about it, it was probably the sliding hinges, sticking and working loose that put stress on the bottom folding hinge, making it go bad.
Hello tmcw / All,
I have the exact same shower and issue - does anyone know the shower brand / ref. details. to order spare parts ? many thanks in advance
I have the same shower screen and have a broken hinge. Did anyone solve where we can source them?

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