Shower Pump Hunting Problem

9 Oct 2008
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United Kingdom
Have had a salamander CT75 pump installed for our en-suite shower, worked fine for 3 days then started hunting when shower turned off. Called plumber who said it had air in the pump. Wasn't around when he "fixed" it but seemd ok for a week. Now it has started hunting again and plumber is away on holiday for 2 weeks - wondering if anyone has any ideas as to a) how to fix and b) what casues this problem. I have checked the connections and they are as pr the Salamander fitting instructions. Rather irritating to leave for 2 weeks until plumber back.

Thanks in advance
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need more info on the layout of the pipework and hot connection to the cylinder etc.
The Hot supply is from an S flange mounted on top of the Hot Water Cylimder.
The cold is directly from the cold tank in the loft. There are no kinks or bends in the AV pipes.

Is that sufficient info?

wheres the pump ?
what size pipework is it ?
wheres the pipework go up in to loft or under the floor ?
how far is the shower away ?
wheres the airvents if any ?

a diagram is better as we can't see the install.
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OK. Don't have a diagram on me so i'll try to explain.

Pump is in airing cupboard, at foot of the cylinder.
Pipework is 22mm
Pipework goes up into loft.
Shower is 3m away
No air vents (apart from the one that comes our of the hot water cylinder)
To prevent "hunting", Salamander tell me that you need to:

1) Remove the metal dust cap from the valve on the end of the cylindrical metal pressure vessel.
2) Connect a car/bike footpump to the valve.
3) Pump until the pressure is 20psi.
4) Remove the footpump.
5) Replace the dust cap.

I hope this helps.
@BigAl2 The big red sign at the bottom of old posts telling you that is old and there's probably no need to comment further is a clue that IT'S OLD AND THERE'S NO NEED TO COMMENT FURTHER.
That's true Muggles, and I did see that. The reason I replied is that the thread, and my information given by Salamander today, may still be looked at even now. After all, I did that myself, and found it quite helpful. Even if you don't think it's worthwhile, other people might have a different opinion.

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