Simple one driving me mad - 2 way lights!!

12 Sep 2006
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United Kingdom

Just made a new room above a garage (France) put up the lights, located 2 switches, one down one up

my instructions say, wire up light to mains and wire up both switches - common to common L1 to L1 etc etc

what I dont get is

wire the light up to mains!!

will the light not be live all the time?

ive gone through loads of instructions incl the refs on here and my heads done in

I was going to put brown to bulb, blue to one switch and off the other switch to bulb

can someone explain to me in simple terms or a diagram if possible

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Just seen this which is the best diagram I have found


this one does absolutely nothing for me!
you posted just as i posted the following

although its French lec trickery, it still works the same way as ours (but smells a bit of onions :LOL: )

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look for 2 way lighting / light switches
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pretend for a second

wire it like a light with one switch. then run your three way cable from the first to the second switch, and follow your second diagram!

thats it.