Single banging radiator - help!

23 Oct 2005
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United Kingdom

My boiler/ pump is 7 years old. The radiators are over 15. I never had any problems with noise at all from any of the radiators. Two years ago the lounge was decorated. The P&D removed the radiator - which is a large 5 foot beast. Since then each time the heating comes on the sound of water gurgling into the radiator is heard, together with banging sounds. I have tried everything to get rid of it. Bleeding, adjusting the balance - the lot. But the noises are still there.

The plumber said it was to do with the fitting, so I have tried to put wood into the metal connections on the back of the radiator. But no luck.

Has anyone any ideas on what is causing this? And how to stop it.

Many thanks.

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oilman said:
Has it got a thermostatic radiator valve.

No. They all have ordinary screw taps. One end has a cap and opens/ shuts the water. other end is adjusted with a spanner and was the end i opened/ closed to adjust the flow. One plumber thought it was to do with balance. The large size of radiator and hot water coming in. So i tried that - but didn't work.

Might be a partial blockage. I'm curious to know the state of the system internally - has it been protected with a chemical inhibitor?

If not then you may want to consider having a good drain down and flush out.

In the meantime, here's something quicker for you to try out - it often encourages difficult rads to resume normal operation...

1. Shut off ALL other rads and fully open the troublesome one.
2. Put both the roomstat and the pump speed on maximum.
3. Let the system circulate for a few minutes, and confirm that the rad is getting painfully hot.
4. Turn off the pump by turning the roomstat down to minimum (or by other means).
5. Bleed the rad (with the pump off).
6. Open all other rads, start the pump again, and make sure you balance the troublesome rad.
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Thanks I will try that.

And as far as i know there have been no additives ie inhibiters.

Sorry one thing - by fully open, do you mean both ends?

One thing I thried recently which worked:
Lift rad atiny bit and get a piece of solid core mains wire(with 1 layer of insulation) between the rad and the rad bracket. You can do it from the top quite easily on som e types, probably impossible on others. This lifts the rad, introduces a different material at that point and moves the pipe with respect to th wood if that's rubbing. anyway it worke, but dunno for how long.
Make the wire a V shape then hook under the hook on the rad. Snip ends and push down.

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