Slight Dispute over driveway

21 Apr 2011
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United Kingdom
Im having a slight dispute with my new neighbour over parking and my drive way. We have just moved into our new house and my nieghbours had a verbal agreement with previous owner that they could park on our driveway, we own driveway out right but our neighbours insists its 50/50 access and keep parking on it blocking me in or stopping me getting on. as they and the previous owners decided between them to knock down our double gate for driveway and the(our) neighbours single gate/pathway to make a larger access to our drive which they shared. when we bought the house we had this shared drive looked into and found it was ours out right.

Spoke to them about this and they agreed to stop parking there and would build a hard standing in their own garden to park on, the problem is they still only have less than 4ft access point the width of their old single gate the rest of the access would be across my driveway

my concern is if i leave this long enough and my neighbours finishes putting hard standing in and uses it to park on does this entitle him to right of way across my land and prevent me from rebuilding my gateposts etc? Or am i perfectly within my rights to rebuild the fence and my posts etc blocking them getting a car onto this hard standing they're doing themselves (badly) I don't want to do this out of spite but eventually i would like to blockpave or print my drive etc

Any advice would be great?
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That is a hellova ramble, can you condense it down a bit? Get more response that way. Most regulars will just take a glance and hit the back button! ;)
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He will get no right of way/access with continued use

If you own the land and if he has no access rights by deed or covenant, then you can do what you like with regards to a fence and gate posts etc.
He would need to be doing it for 20 years without permission in order to gain a ROW.

As you are now the person giving the permission you can take it away.

Depends how well you want to get on with your new neighbours.
Thanks for the advice I thought as much but i had my doubts, They've almost finished the work on the drive/hard standing. so only time will tell if this becomes a problem or not.
So, you're going to wait until they've finished their hard standing for their car, on their land, then tell them they can't cross your land to access it?

That's a bit mean is it not? :confused:
hey there
I would love to know what was the ending to this tale of woe and dispair

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