Slight leak from new installed shower.

9 Jan 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all, i have recently installed a shower and I’m getting a leak at both ends right at the very outside edge underneath, almost outside the shower screen.

One end is directly underneath, the other end almost outside the door frame.

The shower is well sealed all around the bottom with several layers, sealant when i first put he tray in, then tanking paint & tape around the bottom where it met the wall, then sealant after tiling & before the shower door frame was fitted.

I’m still getting very small leaks under the tray either end directly under where the frame meets the wall.

I’m pretty sure the tray is well sealed behind the frame, or it was when i sealed it., but i did notice right by the frame inside, the sealant had lifted very slightly a day or so after the sliding shower door frame & doors were fitted.

Not sure if the weight of the shower doors has caused this.

I have a feeling the sealing is possibly now compromised behind the frame which might need to come out again to reseal behind where the tile meets the shower tray?

I have checked under the shower tray all around the perimeter, no leaks apart this very outside edge at both ends.


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Water will find its way through even the tiniest gap, the upside is you have/should be able to trace the leak. So probably needs doing again, but with plenty of extra sealant to take the weight of the frame.

Why isn't there a sealant bead between the tiles and the vertical frame?If you don't want white, you can use clear or grey to blend it better.
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You only silicone externally on shower screens and showers.

On my shower it wasn't. It was "professionally" done by the original house builder. I believe they were correct. Leaving a gap there will cause scale build up and difficult to clean. Leaving a gap there will rust any fixing screws. If not a bead, the frame should be stuck on with sealant in additional to screws.
Yep, only a bead on the outside according to the supplier instructions. Tbh as long as the bottom inside isn’t sealed so water can drain away i don’t see why not, but i thought best follow instructions.

Anyway, i took the frame off, seal compromised. I’ve also knocked in a couple of batons near the front. Annoying as i followed instructions on exactly where to place leg supports & other batons. Resealed & refit frame tomorrow.


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