SMEG Dishwasher burning wires

1 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom

I don't know if anyone can help me with this problem; last night when the dishwasher was on, the electricity in the house tripped and I noticed a plastic burning smell coming from the dishwasher, so turned it off. This morning took the side panel off the machine and started it up again, keeping a close eye on it. Towards the end of the cycle smoke started coming off the black moulded terminal that connects the brown and the blue wire to the cylindrical heating element on the machine. So again turned it off and pulled out the plug. I removed the black connector and noticed it was the blue wire that was quite badly burnt. My question is, is this a faulty heating element that is drawing too much current, or could it be as simple as a loose connection? I'm thinking the heating element, but not sure. The machine is an integrated SMEG appliance.

Thanks for your help in advance.
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