So much Spam?

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If you spot a mistake, why not go back and put it right?

The system here, where a post is flagged if it has been edited after later posts were made, is much better.

If we'd had a time limit then holmslaw would have been unable to take his rubbish home with him when he left.
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30mins, or call it an hour if you like is plenty of time to proof read your post.

At the moment you can post a harmless link, thats on topic to the question, then a week or a month later you can go back and change the url to advertise your Company or whatever, a spammer dream, and an absolute nightmare for the mods to control.
There's a preview button you can do all the checking you like.
But that's not generally how the spammers on this site operate. I will often click on a spammers' username to see when they joined/read their other posts, they have invariably joined that day, posted some spam and left.
it's the simplest thing in the world to change the URL in an old post by using the quote button, and it will go unnoticed 99 out of 100, as it looks exactly like the original and no sign it's been altered unless you click on it, and even then you are most likely to click on the original, which is unaltered.

Perfect for SEO's that are promoting web sites.
Edited posts are re-scanned for spam though and are usually picked up if edited for 'dodgy' reasons.
Edited posts are re-scanned for spam though and are usually picked up if edited for 'dodgy' reasons.

Can I test that when I get back from me long weekend Admin:cool:

I do my share mod 8, although I only visit a limited number of forums so could miss quite a few.
so we've talked about Spammers. But where are we with the other curse of the forum, the Troll ?!! (don't know why they get capitalised?)

any thoughts admin/mods?
Who saw the torrent of abuse posted this morning? Several posts, all obscene
and from the same nutter. Admin had them off within minutes of being notified. Well done guys. :D
Seems to have been slightly better lately so don't know if the mods are working harder or other measures are in place. Anyhoo, seen a few posts by spammers lately whereby their spam is hidden. You can only see it when you quote them and see the actual full content of their post. How do they do that?
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