some sort of graphics card problem?

23 Feb 2007
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United Kingdom
I have a pretty high spec nvidia graphics card in the xp pc.

I have recently had a couple of instances where the computer instantly crashes and goes to a blue screen telling me that there is a hardware problem and windows has shut down etc.

The details are then that the device driver is stuck in an infinite loop. mentions a file ' NV4-disp '

Then some number and letters 0x0000000ea 0x862fd540... and so on

Then says it is beginning a physical memory dump.

I have tried installing a newer driver but it happened again.

Any ideas?
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Well, it sounds like a driver fault. Did you completely unload the old one before installing the new one?

What o/s? Card model etc.
yes removed old driver, os is xp and the card is an nvidia quadro fx3000
Sounds definitely like a driver fault, though not had a driver fault do
a BSOD on me before.

Sure you downloaded the right one??
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bsod=blue screen of death,basically the pc is at such a state that only switching off at that mains will work.
try starting the PC in safe mode,uninstall all drivers and re boot the PC,once back into normal mode give it another go with the drivers.
the main file you need to uninstall is the nv4.disp.dll located in the windows/system32 folder
cheers for replies, how do i start the comp in safe mode? or should i just pull the plug and do it that way?

Also i may be being stupid but if i uninstall the driver for the graphics card will the screen work ok?
press the f8 key several times (once every second is enough) as the pc boots and you will enter a menu screen,choose safe mode,it usualy takes longer to boot in this mode so be patient.
the pc will work ok without the driver as windows loads a default one,the graphics might be a bit blocky untill the correct drivers are loaded.
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