Splitting hot water supply to 2 radiators

27 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom

My bedroom is very cold even with the heating on and I have a few questions about a potential permanent solution to this problem

My bedroom radiator is currently on an internal wall, at a 90 degrees angle to the windows and then about 1.5m away. The windows take up the half the height of the external wall and take up the entire width. The carpets are always cold and there seems to be a permanent cold spot outside of the immediate vicinity of the radiator. This is despite a double panel single vector radiator being installed in the place of a single panel one.

1) Would moving the radiator to the wall under the window help? This seems to be the conventional wisdom. My living room radiator sits under windows and is able to heat up the room fully, despite the room being larger. The bedroom wall under the window is always freezing cold.

2) The hot water supply to radiators happens in the following order: Kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway. If the above was done, it would mean splitting the supply as it enters the bedroom and pushing hot water to both the bedroom radiator and the hallway in one go, and accepting a return feed from both at the same time. Would there be any issues in doing this?

Hope someone can help as I'm at my wits end with this!

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Have you considered improving the insulation?

But yes you should be able to re-plumb as you describe, though you'll need to rebalance the system afterwards.
Thanks for confirming. Do you reckon moving it to under the window would improve things?

At the moment, I'm not able to do insulation, moving the radiator might be the quickest and easiest solution in the meantime (and I'm hoping someone will be able to confirm the potential gain I can expect as a result)
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Having the radiator on the outside wall tends to result in more even temperature across the room. Might not be a miraculous difference though.

Do the windows need draughtproofing?
I've put some brush pile around the edges and had a window installer take a look. He added extra bits on the window that tighten the window against the frame but generally did not think it needed further work on it.

I don't think the windows are drafty, I think the lack of insulation in what is an old concrete building and having 2 external walls just means the heater just can't compete with the cold around the window. It feels like there's a draught from the window when I close the curtains but when I move them, I can't for the life of me work out the source, tried with a candle, incense stick and a Black & Decker TLD100 Thermal Leak Detector, which leads me to suspect this is just the interior air movement playing up.

My living room also has 2 external walls but the heater is very effective (granted it's a double panel double vector one, but the room is also larger). I've also seen the pattern of rads under windows in other people's houses

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