Strong signal strength but little quality

24 May 2016
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United Kingdom
I`m in a very poor reception area being bottom of a hill and in a boat and I`m having big problems. Sometimes can get a good picture but then it becomes unwatchable with screen and sound breaking up and even becoming out of synch with each other. The inbuilt signal checker say`s 100% signal strength with the bar meter for quality going from 0 - 100% and back all the time - Hope that makes sense.
I`ve tried different arials (with boosters and the tv has an arial booster I can turn on & off) so could it be the brand new tv at fault? It is the latest Avtex tv combo if that helps.
Thanks for reading.
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Have you got a long enough power cable (or can you drag the battery out) & get the whole setup to the top of the hill or at least further up, ideally so your line of sight to nearest transmitter mast is improving rather than degrading (Google the uk transmitter maps from Ofcom).

Or can you borrow a telly from someone nearby (yeah yeah I know) and try that.

Depending which way your valley faces you might find Freesat handy- more channels than Freeview & all free to air BUT you need clear line of sight to the satellite (generally south and a bit west, elevation depends where you are in the country)
Almost certainly over-amplified, and possibly an aerial that isn't pulling in enough quality signal before* the amplification stage.

* this bit absolutely critical. You can't amplify crap.

The best aerial for most boaters, especially those who move locations, is a Log 36. Make sure you know whether the local TV transmitter is a main transmitter (usually with horizontal polarisation - all the Freeview channels available from it) or a Freeview Light transmitter (vertical polarisation) with a smaller channel selection.

Put the aerial on a tall pole; the taller the better. You'll get a useful gain boost by having the aerial tilted up or down by 5-10 degrees if the local transmitter is horizontally polarised. If vertically polarised, then point the aerial slight off the direct heading will achieve the same result. Add a 0-10dBV variable gain amplifier if absolutely necessary. Use good quality coax cable - WF100 / PF100 - and not the thin rubbish with moulded-on plug ends supplied free with any aerial kits.

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Problem solved!
Lesson 1, never believe what you are told regarding which way to point the aerial. :evil:

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