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5 Jul 2005
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United Kingdom

I just finished tanking WP1 BAL my shower cubicle in preparation for tiling.

I have a three questions:

1) I need to use battens for the lower part of the tiles (first course). If I fix the battens (screws) this will compromise the tanking when the battens are removed. The tiles are really big so I will definately need a horizontal batten. I could silicone the holes afterwards I suppose.

2) Should I start near the bottom (leaving the cut near the tray with full tiles on the ceiling line. Also cuts into corners and full tiles on the edges?

3) How is the edging strip fixed upright to wall? Could I glue it temporarly until the tiles go over it?

4) It says on the back of the White star adhesive that there shoul be no voids on the back of the tiles. Does this mean that I have to apply the adhesve to either the wall or tile with something smooth rather than using a comb/notched trowel?

Thanks for you help - loads of questions but I want to try to gt this right.
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Unless you're using acnchor bolts a batten pinned shouldn't leave a hole that's too much of a worry - I'd simply plug it with adhesive when you're tiling the final row. You can however as you suggest use silicoen - or preferably the tanking solution - though it adds delay to finishing the job.

Cuts -depends on tile size and floor to celiving height - you may need to cut top and bottom in for what looks best (get's more so as tile size icnreases)

Edging, just slide and butter it as you work up the wall - the White Star remains workable without skinning for some time - assuming this cooler time of year prevails in the isntallation location (before you tell us this in in the Maldives)

And no voids - simply means good coverage - no dot and dab - I assume you're not using large format tiles so a regular notched trowel (3 to 5mil) should be fine.

Sounds like good prep so far - need pics :)
Thanks for the reply

The tiles are 600 x 300 - massive. Will this adhesice be ok. I seem to remember that cement must be used for tiles that big.

Bal will not recommend their White Star product for tiles that large. You may get away with it, but to be safe I'd recommend a cement based - though that may add priming requirements if you're going onto a plaster finish. It will however likely save time in the long run and costs are typically not massively different.

I must admit I think the white star to be a fab product, as pre mixed goes, but I'd not want to lose a week or two between puting the tiles up and being able to grout - even then possibly not knowing if adhesive in middle of tile has fully cured (dried)
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Totally forget pre-mixed adhesive for tiles of that size. White star is about the best pre-mixed but a powdered adhesive is needed in this case.
i've pretty much just finished the exact same prep and finish as you mention.

After reboarding i tanked the shower walls and primed those areas not requiring tanking. Put up a batten for my 400x250 tiles (so admittedly not as big as your tiles) and used powdered adhesive with an admix for flexibility. Tiles went up a treat (well, for a first-timer!! :cool: ) and was able to grout much quicker than had i used tubbed (from what i read on here).

The holes left when i removed the batten were negligable, but if you are unhappy with yours, no harm in filling in with adhesive or tanking products as others suggest.

With regards the edging strip, i loosely held mine in place with some tile adhesive before tiling. It held well which i was pleased with as the vertical piece was a good 1.5m.


All this reminds me... long overdue that i updated my project post... :rolleyes:

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